TREE Lab gives 6 talks @ ASME ES/SHTC 2023


Bingjia, Brandon, Bryan, Mike, Rachel, and Zijie each gave a talk about their current research at the 2023 American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Energy Sustainability / Summer Heat Transfer Conference, which took place in Washington DC. Rohini served as a conference organizer and led a new Lighting Talks session!

See the list of presentations below:

  1. Brandon Surhigh, Mike Mayer, Minok Part, Sean Lubner, Vassilia Zorba and Rohini Bala Chandran, Methods for Quantitative Temperature-Dependent Optical Metrology, ASME2023-117099.
  2. Mike Mayer, Durga Ghosh and Rohini Bala Chandran, Temperature Characterization of Flowing Particles with Non-contact Measurement Techniques, ASME2023-116903.
  3. Bryan Kinzer and Rohini Bala Chandran, Predicting Energy and Power Trade-offs in Salt Hydrate Composites for Building Heating and Thermal Storage, ASME2023-114587.
  4. Rachel Silcox and Rohini Bala Chandran, Evaluation of a pH-Shifting Electrochemical Device for Oceanic CO2 Capture and Grid-Scale Load Shifting, ASME2023-114717.
  5. Bingjia Li, Zijie Chen, Sisir Sanagala and Rohini Bala Chandran, Modeling the Influences of Temperature-Dependent Thermophysical Properties for Granular Flows, ASME2023-114930.
  6. Zijie Chen, Bingjia Li, Mike Mayer and Rohini Bala Chandran, Inverse Modeling to Predict Optical Properties from Reflectance Measurements in Particulate Media, ASME2023-114950.