Current Research Projects

Investigation of high-temperature thermochemical and low-temperature photoelectrochemical pathways for solar energy driven water and carbon dioxide splitting to produce hydrogen and syngas

Funding: DOE

Radiative Transport and Multiphase Flows

Fundamental understanding and evaluation of heat transfer performance of materials for thermal energy storage applications. We are specifically seeking to understand radiative transport for thermal energy storage applications and also thermochemical energy storage by exploiting energy changes in chemical reactions

Funding: NSF

Electrochemical Reactor Design

Investigation of reactor designs to achieve electrochemical reactions pertinent to renewable energy including CO2 capture, CO2 reduction, and H2 evolution.

Salt Hydrate Thermochemical Storage

Investigation of salt hydrates for thermochemical energy storage for heating and cooling applications. Specifically, we explore use of salts to heat and cool buildings.

Wastewater Resource Recovery 

Exploration of photoelectrochemical approaches for wastewater nutrient and energy recovery. Specifically investigating the viability of solar-driven tertiary pathways for nitrogen-recovery from wastewater sources


Metals Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of metals and metal alloys can profoundly alter the production and time-to-market of various components and products. We are especially interested in the evaluation of the multimode heat-transfer processes involved in this process and how additively manufactured metals and metal alloys behave in supercritical carbon dioxide environments at high-temperatures (1100 C). 

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