TREE Lab attends SolarPACES 2022


Rohini, Bingjia, Mike and Zijie attended the SolarPACES 2022 conference at Alburquerque, New Mexico. Three posters from our group draw great attenation in the session. Mike and Zijie had a nice tour at the concentrating solar power system in Sandia National Lab. Great fun in the city of ‘Breaking Bad’!

See the list of posters below:

  1. Mike Mayer, Brandon Surhigh and Rohini Bala Chandran (Michigan) Kyu Bum Han and Eunjin Jeong (Advanced Materials Scientia), A Comparative Radiative Property Evaluation of Sintered Bauxite and AMS4003 Ceramic Particles, SolarPACES2022-29734.
  2. Theo Rulko, Bingjia Li, Brandon Surhigh, Mike Mayer and Rohini Bala Chandran, Measurements and Modeling for Volume Fractions in Gravity-Driven Particle Curtains, SolarPACES2022-26090.
  3. Bingjia Li, Zijie Chen and Rohini Bala Chandran, Modeling Heat Transfer including Radiation in Gravity-Driven Granular Flows, SolarPACES2022-18575.