Zijie’s paper is published in IJHMT


Zijie’s paper entitled, “Radiative view factor correlations in particulate media from ray tracing simulations and data-driven modeling” was published in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (IJHMT). This work developed the correlations for particle-particle and particle-wall radiative view factors, which are physically interpretable while accounting for shading effects. These correlations are Continue Reading »

Science communication outreach


Bryan, Rachel, and Zijie presented demonstrations explaining their research in coordination with the UMich Museum of Natural History Science Communication Fellowship program. As a part of this program, fellows create an activity to engage the public at local events. Bryan discussed house heating using thermochemical energy storage, Zijie showed how concentrated sunlight can create Continue Reading »

Luisa’s & Rachel’s paper published in ACS Catalysis


Luisa and Rachel’s paper entitled, “Combined Effects of Concentration, pH, and Polycrystalline Copper Surfaces on Electrocatalytic Nitrate-to-Ammonia Activity and Selectivity” was recently published in ACS Catalysis! The paper documents the faradaic efficiency of nitrate reduction to ammonia at different pH and concentration with a copper electrode, with applications to wastewater treatment. Trial to trial Continue Reading »