Our group had a strong presence at the 16th International ASME Energy Sustainability co-located with the ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference. Bingjia, Bryan, Mike and Zijie all gave excellent oral presentations and it was also great fun to be back in an in-person conference since 2020. See the list of talks below:

  1. Bingjia Li, Zijie Chen, and Rohini Bala Chandran, Modeling Heat Transfer Including Radiation in Gravity-Driven Granular Flows Using Discrete Element Method,  SHTC2022-87817
  2. Zijie Chen and Rohini Bala Chandran, Data-Driven Techniques to Obtain Radiative View Factor Correlations in Particulate Media, SHTC2022-87818 
  3. Mike Mayer and Rohini Bala Chandran, Temperature-Dependent Radiative Property Measurements for Non-Contact Temperature Measurements in High Temperature Systems, ES2022-91038
  4. Bryan Kinzer, An Pham, Michael Craig, Impact of Heating Rates on Salt Hydrate Reactor Performance, ES2022-87867

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