Summer Highlights


TREE-Lab researchers are staying healthy, doing as good as we can, and working on our research.

​Some updates from our group to catch-up on:

1. Rohini was selected to attend the NAE’s 2020 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. Very grateful for this opportunity to meet and interact with so many talented scientists and researchers from various backgrounds.

2. Rohini chaired the 2nd AICHE Solar Energy Systems Conference this summer (Aug. 12 — 14) along with co-chairs Nick Auyeung and Christopher Muhich, and organized by the Center for Energy Initiatives at the AIChE. The conference focused on the topics of solar-fuel generators, thermal energy storage, solar process heating, desalination and water treatment. Despite the transition from an in-person to a virtual event, the conference was very well received and turned out to be a very successful event. Thanks to the valuable support from the organizers at AIChE, steering committee members and all participants. 

3. Mike, Bingjia, Zijie and Luisa from the TREE-Lab gave excellent oral presentations at the 2nd AICHE Solar Energy Systems Conference