Mike’s paper is published in Solar Energy


Mike’s paper titled, “Temperature-dependent diffuse reflectance measurements of ceramic powders in the near- and mid-infrared spectra” was recently published in Solar Energy! This paper reports measurements of the radiative properties of a particulate material called ACCUCAST ID80—known for its potential application as a heat transfer and thermal energy storage medium in CSP plants—and other Continue Reading »

Thank you Jane!


Rohini traveled to the University of Minnesota (UMN) to attend Prof. Jane Davidson’s retirement seminar. Felt somewhat unreal to be there but it was also Continue Reading »

Rohini gives seminar at IIT-Madras


Many thanks to Prof. Srinivas Reddy for inviting and organizing a seminar visit at IIT-Madras, Mechanical Engineering. Was so happy to meet and chat with so many spirited students and postdocs. Especially enjoyed visiting Dr. Reddy’s impressive Continue Reading »